• [Reearch] "Structural basis for the unique multifaceted interaction of DPPA3 with the UHRF1 PHD finger" has been out in Nucleic Acids ResearchNucleic Acids Research. (2022.11.24)

  • [Reearch] "Structural basis for activation of DNMT1" has been published in Nature Communications. (2022.11.23)

  • [Reearch]" Structure-based screening combined with computational and biochemical analyses identified the inhibitor targeting the binding of DNA Ligase 1 to UHRF1." has been acccepted in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. (2021.11.10)

  • [Reearch]"Preparation of the ubiquitination-triggered active form of SETDB1 in E. coli for biochemical and structural analyses" has been acccepted in JB. (2021.7.29)
  • [Research] "Structural dynamics of double-stranded DNA with epigenome modification" has been accepted in NAR.(2020.12.12)
  • [Research] "Serine 298 phosphorylation in linker 2 of UHRF1 regulates ligand-binding property of its tandem Tudor domain" has been accepted in Journal of Molecular Biology.(2020.5.18)
  • [Research]"Two distinct modes of DNMT1 recruitment ensure stable maintenance DNA methylation" is published in Nature Communications.(2020.3.6)
  • [Research]Structural basis for interction between DNMT1 PIP box motif and PCNA was was published in BBRC (2019.6.22)
  • English site renewal (2019.1.26)
  • [Research] Structural analysis of UHRF1 TTD bound to LIG1K126me2 was published in Structure (Collaboration wiht Dr. Pierre Antoine Defossez at CNRS).(2019.1.10)
  • Press Release


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Our research field is structural biology of biomolecular complex that regulate epigenetics, DNA methylation and histone modifications. We are now focusing to reveal the underlying mechanism of DNA methylation maintenance. If you are intersted in our research, please contact ourl laboratory.


Kyohei Arita
Structural Biology Laboratory, , Graduate School of Medical LifeScience, Yokohama City University
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